Wil Treasure

Audio Storyteller

I write and produce stories in print and audio.


I specialise in producing audio documentaries. I'm looking for a great story, often told a little tangentially and with the feel of a piece of cinema. In fact, that's exactly how I view my work - Cinema for the Ear.

I'm interested in stories about motivation, about what motivates people both as individuals and communities. I tell these stories through in-depth audio interviews because I think it's the best best way to understand the person behind the tale.

There's something really unifying about good stories. They are an inherent part of all human cultures. How we tell them and why has a big impact on our understanding of the world.

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I’m an NCTJ qualified journalist and I've written for a wide range of publications, in print and online. These include the Western Mail, the Independent, Climber Magazine and UKClimbing.com. I've also co-written and narrated a climbing film - Fall Theory, from award-winning film-maker Alastair Lee of Posing Productions.

I'm interested in narrative non-fiction writing - stories that speak to us beyond the boundaries of their subject matter and tell us a little bit about the world and human nature.

I'm currently working on a book about my experience of working in a care home during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown.

You can follow my writing at Factor Two and on Medium, where I write about the climbing world and audio storytelling respectively:

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I'm always happy to offer advice and chat through ideas, but if you've got a bigger project in mind you can employ my services in many ways. I can write, edit, produce and storyboard ideas with you.

Drop me an email to say hi and find out more.


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