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I've been teaching and tutoring maths for more than 15 years. I teach from KS3 to Further Maths at A-Level, as well as undergraduate statistics and mechanics. Most of my tutoring is done online these days.

My main interests are in logic problems, like those collated by Martin Gardner, but I've studied all sorts of areas of mathematics, from cryptography and information theory to constructionism and set theory. I've also studied Machine Learning as part of my work as a Software Developer.

I'm a big fan of the Socratic method of teaching, where I ask questions to help students discover the answers for themselves. I find this helps students to understand the material better and to remember it for longer.

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A Level Revision Course

I run a revision course for A-Level students in the run-up to their exams. The course covers all the topics in the A-Level syllabus, with a focus on exam technique and problem-solving. The course is run online and is available to students anywhere in the world.

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Maths Moon

You can find resources, games and interesting problems on my maths website, Maths Moon.

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