Jetrunner and 2013

I realised the other day that I’ve got a tally of 92 E-points for the year. Quite a few more than last year without really meaning to. I’ve been pretty consistently ticking through the low E-grades all year though, with a few E4s and quite a lot of E3s thrown in.

Jetrunner, E4 6a, Bamford

I made it up to 96 today, finally climbing Jetrunner at Bamford. All of the food and beer at Christmas hasn’t done too much harm it seems. It wasn’t totally straightforward though, requiring a few up and down attempts (although I never fell off, I nearly did when I reversed part of the crux). After reversing a couple of times I realised that I was being pretty stupid really, since I was just as likely to fall off reversing as trying the move, so I went for it, and it all came together. Pretty chuffed. I’ve tried  this line a couple of times over the past few years, but always backed off at the crux as I was nervous about the gear. With a bit of fiddling today, and a couple of pieces I didn’t have previously (mostly from my partner who placed it on his attempt) we got the gear in a state I was happy with.


Weather tomorrow looks good too, so have a chance to make 100 before the year is out.

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