2013 round up

I’ve not posted on here in ages as a result of starting a PGCE – I’m now training to be a maths teacher. It’s great, I love the time in school, the kids make me laugh, occasionally exasperate me, but it’s also reminded me of just how much I like maths. Far from being tedious, going over the same topics repeatedly and not exploring anything new, teaching actually gives you a chance to look very deeply into topics you would otherwise consider fairly simple.

On the climbing front I’ve suffered a little as a result if this. I never got up Body Machine, hopefully I can rectify this in the Spring. I hit a high point several times, and was completely powered out by the time I got there. I just didn’t have the extra I needed to push through. I was an odd feeling, and not one I’ve experienced much in climbing. I wasn’t really pumped, I just had no power left, and on the most powerful bit. It’s given me a lot of confidence though, I know it will go down with a little power training, and it makes 8a a realistic target next year. I also managed a quick (for me) tick of Obscene Gesture as a direct result of the fitness gains on Body Machine.

In the autumn I’ve focused on ticking off classic trad routes. The list has been good! Wall End Slab Direct, Tower Face Direct, Goodbye Toulouse, Left Unconquerable, Erb, Elegy (always wanted to do this, and it still frightened me despite being within my comfort zone). I also got round to trying another grit E5, taking a decent whipper from the last moves of Nature Trail (with gear in the Wings pocket). Was happy that I gave a good go at least.

So, plans for next year? There’s a lot of potential on the cards. Sport 8a would be great, and achievable if I get a few weeks sport climbing in during the summer. There’s also talk of some more exciting objectives, granite routes in Chamonix, Verdon, Spain. Who knows at this point. One thing’s for sure, I need a long weekend in Pembroke to settle some scores there.

It’s not all climbing. Enjoying a walk in Longnor.

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