Rock Idol

There seems to be a bit of a trend of climbing articles in the press over the last few months. Probably because they’ve cottoned onto the fact that they get some great pictures for it, and it looks good online.

Unfortunately, they aren’t always very accurate. Here’s a recent one from the Daily Mail. When I started climbing Leo’s efforts at trying The Prophet, with no pre-inspection, were some of the most inspiring bits of climbing around. The images from his early efforts are iconic, and I think the whole climbing community applauded when he completed this route. But the Daily Mail article shows no understanding of what he’s achieved. He’s not the first Brit to climb El Cap – he’s the first person to climb this route up it, and he’s done it in reasonably good style. Brits have been climbing El Cap for years, I know several people who have done it, Leo has done it before too.

But, still, it’s good to see such great photos getting more airing, and Leo’s achievements here are internationally significant for climbers. A little bit of effort from journalists on these articles wouldn’t go amiss though.

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