Kaiser Wall

I climbed Kaiser Wall (E3 5c,5a,6a) today, a route I’ve wanted to do for many years but put off for fear of it being too hard (and scary).

It didn’t disappoint, the climbing is adventurous and exciting, delicate and strenuous and the rock varies from being solid as the proverbial to worryingly wobbly. I was especially pleased to do the route onsight. A word of warning: The old Wye Valley (1997) guide mentions that the pegs are old, but there are plenty of them. Now they are very old (except one newer one), back them up where possible!

The route is 65m long and since we were climbing with a 60m and a 70m rope we managed to abseil the whole thing in one go, which was pretty cool.

[Edit] This photo is quite foreshortened. The final pitch is around the same length as the first one. [/Edit]

[Edit 2] I’ve added a link to the Wikitopo site description of Kaiser Wall – it’s a really useful resource for finding the big routes even if you do have a guidebook! [/Edit 2]

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